Homegrown Arts is a family business, founded by two teachers with backgrounds in art, illustration, graphic design, science, and business. Inspiration for our products is provided by our two children, and more than a decade of endeavoring to capture, with paint and paper, the creatures and characters, fairytales and fantasies that have ignited their developing imaginations. As educators, we believe wholeheartedly in pictures as story starters, whether those stories are written on paper, acted out among friends, or shared with our family at bedtime. As artists, we strive to create illustrations that are worthy of this dialogue, and which capture the vividness and wonder with which children see the world. What began as an effort to delight our children, soon grew to creating cards and prints for friends, family, and neighbors in our hometown of Newtown, Connecticut.

The large category of botanical cards is also the product of very personal inspiration. My grandmother, mother, sister, and husband are gardeners, who bring beauty into the world that I love to draw. If you are a lover of gardens or gardeners, or if you think of favorite flowers as old friends, you will be in good company here.

Our One World cards are dedicated to spreading messages of peace, love, and hope. As parents and teachers, we have always felt that you can never sow too much peace, love, and hope in the world. Now, more than ever, as our own community draws more tightly together in a desire to set an example of spreading peace in the world, we hope you will find images to inspire you here.

Enjoy exploring our original card designs. If you are looking for something specific, please feel free to contact us with a personal request. It is through such requests that we grow our portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you.